Colney Heath Parish Council has created 15 new allotment plots in Gloucester Park, just off Hill End Lane, Highfield, after purchasing the land in 2008. The land was weeded, ploughed and manured in readiness for cultivation of produce. The plots have mains water available and are can be cultivated year-round. Access is via a footpath only, meaning that there is no vehicular access other than in exceptional circumstances; however car parking is available nearby. The area is fenced and accessible by two gates. The plots have an ideal aspect, giving full sun (when it shines) and are separated by hedging and fencing from nearby properties.

If you wish to rent a plot, you should contact the Parish Office. You may have to go on a waiting list. Applications are processed on a first come first served basis.

Once you have your plot allocated, a tenancy agreement may be downloaded from the link below and completed to forward to the parish office. All rents are payable each 1st April in full by cash or cheque; the office will submit an invoice. If rent is not received within one month of the due date, this may lead to forfeiture of the tenancy. Should you take on a plot after September, only half the rent will be charged. Allotment rents may be subject to concessions for certain groups.

Individual sheds or large poly tunnels or other structures are currently not permitted, nor the growing of tree species and some classified plants. Details can be obtained from the Office.

The tenancy agreement contains clauses which fully explain the obligation of tenants to cultivate over 60% of their plots during the growing season, to minimise weeds and not to leave them to go fallow for more than three months. In this area, allotment plots are in very short supply and this rule is designed to be fair to all other potential holders who wish to have/use an allotment to cultivate and grow food for their families. Note that no produce grown on an allotment may be sold for profit.

Gloucester Park Allotment - Rules and Procedures pdf