Colney Heath Parish Council makes reasonable budget provision for the award of grants. In the current financial year (2019-20) £6,000 is available. Grants are awarded towards community group projects, events, activities or projects relating to transport.

The Council can only award grants using certain legal powers; specific powers allow the Council to provide funding for specific activities or projects which Members feel will be of benefit to the Parish of Colney Heath. Where no other power is available, the Council may decide to use its power under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, to award a grant where it feels that to do so will benefit some or all of its residents or some or all of the area. The critical words are some or all – in both cases. This means that grants to individuals are not feasible and grants where the activity would not obviously benefit Colney Heath Parish area are equally problematic – however worthy members of the Council may feel the project to be.

The Clerk will always advise on grant applications but all grant applications are considered by Full Council, so the applications and any supporting documentation requested must be received by the deadline stated.  This allows the Clerk to check that the relevant grants criteria has been met. The grant policy and grant application form can be found here:

CHPC Grant Awarding Policy Jan 2019

CHPC Grant Application Form Jan 2019