If Councillors cannot locate a document they require please contact the Parish Office on 01727 825314 or email the Clerk – clerk@colneyheathparishcouncil.gov.uk

CHPC Acceptance of Office Declaration 

CHPC Register of Interests Form

CHPC Gifts and Hospitality Guidance

CHPC Gifts and Hospitality Register 2019

CHPC Dispensation Request Form

CHPC Motions Log from November 2017

CHPC Motion Request Form

CHPC Agenda Request Form

Councillor Meeting Attendance Record Updated July 2019

CHPC Meeting Papers – 13 June 2019

19/19b          Planning Application Report

19/19c          Planning Committee DRAFT Terms of Reference

19/19d          Welwyn Hatfield Call for Sites Consultation and draft response

19/19e          HCC Rural Transport Strategy and draft response

19/21a          CHPC Annual Accounts 2018/19

19/21b          Internal Auditor report 2018/19

19/21d          Annual Governance and Accounting Statement 2018/19

19/21f           Confirmation of dates for public rights period

19/22b          Member Officer Protocol

19/22c          Social Media Policy

19/22d          DRAFT CHPC Action Plan 2019/20

CHPC Meeting Papers – 16 May 2019

19/06b          HR Committee Terms of Reference 2018

19/06c          Finance Committee Terms of Reference 2018

19/06d          Environment Committee Terms of Reference 2018

19/07a          CHPC-Standing-Orders-Reviewed-and-Adopted-100518

19/07b          CHPC-Financial-Regulations-Reviewed-and-Adopted-100518

19/07c          Code-of-Conduct-reviewed-and-adopted-10-May-2018

19/07d          Health-and-Safety-Policy-010318

19/09            CHPC-Minutes-Full-Council-21st-Mar-2019 DRAFT

19/10e          DRAFT Advert & Job Description for vacancy in Parish Office

19/11            Background to General Power of Competence (GPC)

19/12a          Planning during Purdah

19/12c          Planning Report May Mtg 2019