Minutes will be published, redactions may be made but all decisions are minuted.   All meetings of this Committee are open to the public but if Council RESOLVE under Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, due to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted the public and press will be excluded.

Terms of Reference HR Committee 2020-21

The Chairman of the HR Committee for 2020/21 is Councillor Russell Solts

Members 2020/21 – Councillor Chris Brazier, Councillor Judy Mulroney and Councillor Russell Solts

Chairman of Council is an ex-officio member

The next meeting of the HR Committee will take place during May 2021.


HR Committee Minutes – 4th February 2021 (draft) 

HR Committee Minutes – 3rd December 2020

HR Committee Minutes – 3rd September 2020

HR Committee Minutes – 11 June 2020

HR Committee Minutes – 30th January 2020

HR Committee Minutes – 27th June 2019 redacted


Agenda – 4th February 2021

HR Committee Agenda – 3rd December 2020

HR Committee Agenda and Papers 3 September 2020

Agenda and Papers 11th June 2020