Parish Noticeboards (3), located at:

  • High Street, Colney Heath (next to bus shelter by The Rice)
  • Hill End Lane, Highfield (next to bus shelter opposite Spar shop)
  • Colney Heath Lane, Hill End (at junction with Firwood Avenue)

Parish Interpretation Boards on Colney Heath Common (4), located at:

  • Warren Farm Track entrance
  • High Street entrance (by Coal Post)
  • High Street (roadside, in gap between houses)
  • Church Lane entrance (by bridge)

Parish-owned Bus Shelters (16), located at:

  • Tyttenhanger Green (south), opposite Charles Morris Hall
  • Hill End Lane (west), Highfield, opposite Spar shop
  • Hill End Lane/Bramley Way, Highfield
  • Hatfield Road, near Oaklands College entrance
  • Hatfield Road/Lyon Way, near Glyn Hopkins
  • Hatfield Road, Smallford roundabout, near Notcutts
  • Hatfield Road, Smallford roundabout, opposite vets/nursery
  • Station Road (east), Smallford roundabout
  • Station Road (west), opposite Smallford Motors
  • Smallford Lane (west), opposite Sleapshyde Lane
  • High Street (south), Colney Heath, at Richardson Place
  • High Street (north), Colney Heath, at Wistlea Crescent
  • Tollgate Road (south), Colney Heath, outside No 54
  • Tollgate Road (north), Colney Heath, near Roestock Lane
  • Hall Gardens, Colney Heath
  • High Street, Colney Heath, near Post Office

Parish-owned dog waste (DWB x 14), recycling (RB x 2) and litter bins (LB x 8), located at:

  • Entrance to Warren Farm Track, Coursers Road, Colney Heath (1 x DWB & 1 x RB)
  • Roestock Park, Colney Heath (1 x DWB, 1 x RB & 1 x LB)
  • Hall Gardens, Colney Heath (1 x DWB)
  • Roestock Lane, Colney Heath (1 x DWB & 1 x LB)
  • CHFC High Street, Colney Heath (2 x DWB & 1 x LB)
  • Common, High Street, access by CMVH, Colney Heath (1 x DWB)
  • Common, High Street, in gap between houses, Colney Heath (1 x LB)
  • Common, High Street, access opposite Cock Pub, Colney Heath (1 x DWB)
  • Common, Church Lane, access bear bridge, Colney Heath (1 x DWB)
  • Gloucester Park, between Hill End Lane/Drakes Drive, Highfield (1 x LB)
  • Play area on roundabout, Puddingstone Drive, Highfield (1 x DWB)
  • Harvesters RFC, Oaklands Lane, Smallford (1 x DWB & 1 x LB)
  • Sleapshyde play area, Sleapshyde Lane, Smallford (1 x DWB & 1 x LB)
  • Charles Morris Hall, Tyttenhanger Green (1 x DWB & 1 x LB)

Parks and Open Spaces, located at:

  • Colney Heath Common
  • Recreation Ground, Colney Heath
  • Roestock Park, Colney Heath
  • Sleapshyde Park, Sleapshyde
  • Sleapshyde Pond, Sleapshyde
  • Tyttenhanger Open Space & Play Area, Tyttenhanger Green
  • Horseshoe Field, Smallford
  • Gloucester Park, Hill End
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