Under the 2015 Local Government Transparency Code Colney Heath Parish Council is required to publish certain sets of data.  You can find the full code here

Parish Councillors’ Responsibilities
No councillor has specific responsibilities as all areas of the council’s work are shared.  A councillors responsibilities are:

  • to raise matters that the council can consider and formally decide to take action about at meetings;
  • attend council meetings;
  • make informed contributions which influence the debate on business that needs tobe decided at those meetings;
  • participate in their council’s decision-making process, which in itself is subject to strict rules; and
  • represent their council externally.

Details of public land
The current Parish Council asset register is presented to the internal and external auditors yearly and the most up to date version can be found here: Asset Register 2017/18

Roestock Hut

Item 66b CHSG Correspondence and Proposed Schedule of Works October 2020

CHPC – PPM Report Roestock Hut

Building Survey – October 2017

EPC Report

Asbestos Survey

Expenditure over £100
The Parish Council publishes its Minutes after every meeting. These Minutes include details of all payments of any amount made during the month.

Payments for approval in Month 8 (November 2020)

Payments for approval in Month 7 (October 2020)

Payments for approval in Month 6 (September 2020)

Payments for approval in Month 5 (August 2020)

Minutes and Agendas

The Parish Council’s Agenda is published on the Parish Council’s website at least 3 days before a meeting.  Where possible draft minutes are published on the website within 10 days of the council meeting.

End of Year Accounts
After the end of the current Financial year the accounts for year will be published on the Council’s website.
Any report from the Internal Auditor and Externa Auditor will be published on the Council’s website.
The Council’s Annual Audit return and Annual Governance statement will be published on the Council’s website.