Colney Heath Common

Rights of Way Acts 1906 and 2000-2001

This land, under the designation of a Common, is protected under local By-Laws, the above legislation and Acts of Parliament preventing any person from:

  • Public offences, including driving or leaving mechanically propelled vehicles on this land without council permission.
  • Bringing any animal with the exception of dogs onto the land (including horses).
  • Interfering with fauna or wild animals, lighting fires, failing to shut gates, bathing, removing or disturbing soil or items that form part of the common, or using flame or any heat-producing equipment.
  • Using a metal detector or disturbing the surface of the soil by mechanical means.
  • Interfering with nature by destroying plants or blocking drains or ditches.
  • Interfering with walls, gates, fencing, paths, tracks, trees or bushes.
  • Interfering with lawful users of the land, intimidation, games, camping, gliding or graffiti
  • Parking of caravans, mobile homes or camper vans.
  • Discharging a shotgun or air weapon or bow and arrow in a public place at any time.
  • The taking of any game or killing or destruction of wildlife.
  • Generally injuring or disfiguring the land or interfering with its use by the public for the purpose of lawful and allowable activities.
  • Setting up structures or aerials
  • Flying model planes or radio-guided apparatus
  • Setting off fireworks

Clerk to the Council

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