New Councillor Information Pack

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1. Maps of the Parish

2. Councillor details, names and email addresses

3. Code of Conduct

4. Declaration of Acceptance Form

5. Acceptance of Office Form

6. Standing Orders

7. Financial Regulations

8. Roles of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Chairman and Councillor:

Clerk and RFO



9. Business Risk Log

10. Budget

11. Internal Audit Report for 2019/2020

12. Annual Governance & Accountability Return for 2019/2020

13. Current scheduled meetings list: Full Council Meetings and Committee Meetings

14. CHPC Business Plan

15. Committees and terms of reference:

Terms of Reference HR Committee 2020

Terms of reference Finance & Governance Committee 2020

Environment Committee Terms of Reference 2020

Planning Committee Terms of Reference

16. Working Relationship Protocols

17. Responsibilities and Powers  of Council