All papers for Parish Council meetings from 24 September are contained within the meeting summons/agenda, hard copies can be obtained by calling the Parish Office.

The papers on this page have been linked into the appropriate agenda and are stored here so the links within the agenda are active:


Meeting Papers for 22 July 2021

Papers will all be live after 16th July 2021 

Item 39a – CH Scout Group Correspondence July 2021

Item 38d Tyttenhanger correspondence and requests

Item 38d Tyttenhanger Open Space event paperwork

Item 38b Roestock Hut Feasibility Plan

Item 38a Land at Oaklands Lane marketing report June 21 Final

Item 38a Land at Gloucester Fields marketing report June 21 Final

Item 37c iv Judicial Review HMCTS guidance

Item 37c iv Judicial Review Guide S Scowcroft

Item 37c i Question to SADC Full Council 14 July 2021 and answer

Item 37c Round House Farm Appeal decision

Item 37a Affinity Water Consultation paper

Item 36 HR Committee draft minutes 8 July 2021

Item 35a Environment Committee draft minutes 30 June 2021

Item 34 Grant Applications report

Item 33c Finance & Governance Committee draft minutes 8 July 2021

Item 33a Payment sheet July 2021

Item 32 Minutes of  24 June 2021

Meeting Papers for 24 June 2021

Item 27a FOI Report June 2021

Item 26e Request for event Tyttenhanger Open Space 2021

Item 26c CHFC Lease Matters

Item 26b Roestock Hut Report June 2021

Item 26b Feasibility Study quote June 2021

Item 26b MP Scout Correspondence

Item 26b St Albans Scouts Correspondence

Item 26b CH Scout Group Correspondence

Item 25 Community Bus Co-ordinator Report 

Item 24 Planning Delegation Criteria

Item 23 Delegated authority decisions May – June 2021 

Meeting Papers for 5 May 2021 

Item 10b Proposed amended Financial Regulations 2021/22

Item 10a Proposed amended Standing Orders 2021/22

Item 09 Proposed Meeting Schedule 2021/22

Item 08 Committees and Terms of Reference links for review 5 May 2021 


Item 146a Road Name Report 22 April 2021/

Item 144 Leases and Assets WP Recommendations 22 April 2021

Item 143 Report on Return to Face to Face Meetings 22 April 2021 

Item 141e Proposed Logo Change CHPC 22 April 2021

Item 141d Local Council Foundation Award 22 April 2021

Item 133e Expressions of Interest Report 25 March 2021

Item 92a Draft Heads of Terms CHPC/CHFC for Pavilion and pitch v1 December 2020

Item 91 LGBCE Recommendations, comparison report and next steps December 2020

Item 64b CHPC Grass Cutting Contract 2020 DRAFT October 2020

Item 64b Appendix Grass Cutting Contract Common Cutting Map 2020

Item 66a Planning Application SADC Letter

Item 66e Horseshoe Field Report October 2020

Summons/Agenda for 24 September 2020 containing links to papers

Item 53 – Request to landowner for new access pathway into Roestock Park

CHPC Meeting Papers – 23 July 2020

CHPC Meeting Papers – 25 June 2020

CHPC Meeting Papers – APM 14 May 2020