The Parish Council will endeavour to give advance notice of the planning applications the Full Council will be reviewing at its monthly meetings – see Meeting Dates.  All meetings of the Parish Council are open to members of the public except where an Agenda states differently.

Given the nature of the advance notice of planning applications shown below, the Parish Council reserves the right to add to or subtract items from the list.

It should be noted that although the Parish Council is a statutory consultee for planning applications in the Colney Heath Parish area ultimately it is St Albans District Council (SADC), as the planning authority, who will make the final decision on any application submitted to them.  A link to the SADC planning applications website can be found here.


Issues the Parish Council IS able to consider include: Issues the Parish Council is NOT able to consider include:
development within the Metropolitan Green Belt loss of view
loss of privacy/impact on residential amenity effect on property values
overshadowing/overbearing impact private rights
highway safety, traffic and parking issues boundary disputes
noise construction noise
visual amenity/street scene
historic buildings and conservation
design and materials
appearance of the development
capacity of infrastructure


If there are applications listed below, it will show which applications will be reviewed on the date of the meeting shown. Full Council meetings are open to members of the public who are welcome to attend and make representations on the planning applications shown and any other item included on the Agenda. Please note that representations will be limited to a maximum of 3 minutes or as determined by the Chairman of the meeting.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS – click here to see planning applications discussed since April 2020 

Agenda for Emergency Full Council Meeting – 16th June 2020

Background Papers issued by CHPC in reference to Planning Application 5/2020/1124

CHPC Further Background Information 5-2020-1124 Jan 2021

Outcome of Planning Applications presented to Council from October 2018 can be viewed here

Planning Applications –  Responses submitted by CHPC 

Planning Application 5/2020/1124 – Land Adjacent The Mill House Coursers Road Colney Heath Hertfordshire AL4 0PB

Planning Applications – Appeal Responses submitted by CHPC 

APPEAL Response – East Lodge APP/B1930/W/20/3261865 14/01/21

APPEAL Response – Sleapshyde Farm B1930/W/20/3263937 14/01/21

Since January 2020 – all planning applications links were inserted into the relevant agendas

2019/20 Planning application reports:

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2018/19 Planning applications reports:

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